Enhancing Value For Organizers & Attenders

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Add-on service

Enrich your plans and packages as a provider for your clients

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Networking opportunities

Mutually benefit with easily communicated networking opportunities

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Dynamic & personalized content design

Customize a proper networking-interface to empower attenders

What our solutions can do for you

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Simplified onboarding

Transfer your event into a networking community environment – on a website/app. Useful for a mass-events as well as small ones


Brand the event with the added-value of a networking-community-environment. Enables to combine a twisted vibe (for example: networking opportunities on a week-end party)

Adjust to genre & audience

Fast customization of a tailor-made attender's interface – adjust for business, educational, social, dating or any other specification, or use the templates bank

Data management

Tracking statistic's dashboard

For various services providers & players from the event's industry

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Add-on service

Ideal as additional add-on service into your portfolio – for event planners, RSVPs/booking services, online-tickets-operators, consumer clubs, and entertainment complexes.

Distribute events

Community managers, online-tickets-operators, cultural centers etc, can use the interactive-map tool for distributing their upcoming events

White label / SaaS

Easily integration as a SaaS or white label, based on your needs into your website/system or use it as seprate tool

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